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5 Star Review from Business Owner

9/26/2023 (Permalink)

Five Star Review from Business Owner Another 5 star review from a local business owner


Another 5 star Review from another valued customer- a local business owner here in Redding, CA.

Thank you so very much, Pam, for the review! We were truly thankful to be able to help you during such a difficult time. We are always here to help and are grateful that you chose us enabling us to walk along side you and serve you. But coming along side an individual when their whole world seems to be out of control and bringing the peace and assurance that they are not alone and the confidence that we can and will take care of them...That's what it is all about. It is why we do what we do.

Help in the middle of the night on a weekend

9/25/2023 (Permalink)

Driving down the freeway at night to a job Technicians drive down the freeway to a emergency job at 1 am on a Sunday morning.

Middle of the night-

12:34 am-Call comes in. A family in Cottonwood returned home after being gone for the day to find most of their home covered in 3-4 inches of water. 

1:10 am-Our mitigation team arrives at the shop to load the equipment needed to extract the water and begin the drying process. 

1:33 am-Team is on the road en route to help. 

2:00 am-Our team is with the customer, removing the unwanted water, and setting up drying equipment. The immediate response prevents further damage from occurring.

 2:35 am-We post here to remind you that we are available to respond to your water damage emergency right away. Our technicians are on call 24/7 with emergency services available immediately. in the middle of the night on a weekend. We are Here to Help! ™

Before and After

9/19/2023 (Permalink)

Before and After- Water Loss Water loss before and after photos

A simple leak from the water line of a refrigerator was how it started.

Water spreads and travels fast. In just a short amount of time, floor, walls, and cabinets can all be affected. Call us as soon as you suspect a leak. Time is of the essence, and we are Faster to Any Disaster®. We do free inspections too.

This customer gave our office a call, an inspection was done that day, and our mitigation crew got to work.  Now the reconstruction is about complete and it Looks Like It Never Even Happened!®

We are here to help!®

Let us help you! Give us a call for any water damage to your home.  Our professionals are ready to serve!

Vandalism and Graffiti

9/5/2023 (Permalink)

Before and After photo- Graffiti clean up Before and After- Graffiti Clean Up
  • Graffiti- Vandalism-What a mess!

Vandalism and graffiti can be very upsetting. If it's from minor pranks to malicious destruction of property, SERVPRO will act quickly to secure and board up or remove vandalism and graffiti from home and commercial spaces.

If your home or business have been affected by graffiti or vandalism, we are here to serve you.  Our goal, as always, is to make it Like It Never Even Happened.  

Call SERVPRO 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are #HereToHelp 

Over Twenty Business Flooded

9/3/2023 (Permalink)

Mitigation Crew on site of disaster SERVPRO of South Shasta County Disaster Response Team

Over 20 business owners unable to open their doors due to flooding

The Friday before Labor Day, a commercial building here in Redding, CA experienced flooding in over 20 of their businesses. As soon as we got the call, preparations began and crews were quickly on site. Our hearts went out to all those affected, and we began to do all we could to help.Soon a plan was in place and our crews were on site throughout the weekend to do take care of each customer doing what was needed to protect and restore their property.   We work with insurance and provide a wide variety of services including mitigation, clean up, drying, and contents cleaning and storage.We respond 24/7/365. We are here to help!Our Team is honored to serve our local businesses in time of need.

Ode to the Mold

8/31/2023 (Permalink)

Picture describing what to do when you find mold growth Mold Tips

Who writes a poem on mold-

Here at SERVPRO of South Shasta County, we are not only experts in mold remediation and restoration of your property, we enjoy our work.  When a customer calls us with disaster on their hands, we understand how unsettling the circumstances can be.   We will walk beside you each step of the way making sure the process is as stress free as possible until it looks "like it never even happened."  

So here it goes-

Our mold remediation team

Can help turn mold back to spotless and clean-

Whether black, brown, yellow or funky green.  

Soon it will be as if it was never even seen.

Call us today if we can be of service to you!  SERVPRO of South Shasta County-



Worker Wednesday

8/30/2023 (Permalink)

Worker Wednesday Worker Wednesday

Why choose SERVPRO of South Shasta-

*From taking the first call to dispatching the crew*From the initial inspection to the final review*From mitigation to reconstruction*From pack outs to cleaning to pack backs*From start to finish  

Until it is Like It Never Even Happened-

 Whatever the need. Whatever the job. The workers of SERVPRO of South Shasta County get the job done with the exceptional service you deserve.Give us a call today! 530-241-2424 #WorkerWednesday #SERVPROsouthshastacounty #LikeItNeverEvenHappened

Meet Our Team

8/28/2023 (Permalink)

Jeremy Williams- Meet Our Team Jeremy Williams- Mitigation Team Supervisor

Meet Our Team Monday is here! This week, we spotlight Jeremy Williams. Jeremy is our mitigation supervisor, and what a great job he does! Not only does his training and experience make him an expert in mitigation, his cool, calm and collected personality bring so much stability in those unexpected and stressful situations. One of our customers who had a catastrophic water loss in her home commented-

Customer Review-

"Every one of the workers who have come to our house have been great. But when Jeremy comes, I just feel so calm and at peace. Even though the situation can feel overwhelming at times, when Jeremy is on site, I know everything is going to be okay. He is the best." 

That's what we aim to hear!

Thank you, Jeremy, for all you bring to our team. Thank you for your willingness to work so hard for our community. We agree- you're the best! 

Training Up the Next Generation

8/17/2023 (Permalink)

Summer Crew 2023 Our college and high school aged team members who worked for us all summer 2023

The Leaders of Tomorrow...

     Today we want to give a shout out to our AMAZING crew of young people who worked for us all summer long. They didn't have a lot of sleep in days the past few months. They got up early to get to their assigned jobs, worked hard along side our top trained professionals, and gained knowledge and acquired new skills each day.

Great Work Ethic...Great Attitudes...

     Even in triple digit temperatures, they showed up and plugged away without complaint.We here at SERVPRO of South Shasta County are thankful to have had the opportunity to train and work along side these fine young men and lady. Next week, they go back to their perspective colleges and high schools to continue their education.Isaiah, Noah, Susannah, Nehemiah, Eliseo and Jayden....THANK YOU for being an incredible asset to our SERVPRO team! We are so proud of you all and wish you the very best in your upcoming school year. Study hard, work hard, and continue to make a difference in the lives of others.#SERVPROsouthshasta #Summercrew #youngpeopleatwork #incredibleteens

Myth Busted

8/7/2023 (Permalink)

The myth of bleach and mold Common myth- Bleach kills mold

Bleach is not the answer to a mold problem.

Does this surprise you?  For many homeowners, bleach seems to be the perfect solution to mold.  You can easily buy it at your local store and with a simple application, your problem seems to have vanished...or has it?  Is bleach effective in mold remediation or could it be making the problem worse?

Bleach can actually further mold growth especially when it is found on a porous surface.  Applying bleach to a surface may mask the problem for the moment, but the chlorine content of the bleach evaporates quickly leaving all that water behind which can soak in to the surface taking that moisture to the root of the mold.  A short time later and the problem is worse than ever.

There is a solution

Here at SERVPRO of South Shasta, our mold remediation specialists are fully trained and equipped to handle any mold problem you may have in a safe and effective manner.

We do not just remove the visible mold; we remediate removing the root cause of the mold so you do not have to worry about regrowth.  We care for you and your family like we do for our own.

Call us today for a free estimate- 530-241-2424